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Blockchain Infrastructure Engineer

About the Role

We're on the lookout for a blockchain super-star to join our Blockchain Squad as a Senior Blockchain Infrastructure Engineer. You’ll be joining our small and driven team to have a core role in building, managing and supporting all aspects of our infrastructure. You’ll work closely with every member of our engineering teams to design, build, manage and scale the deployment and reliability of new deployments. You’ll work across our full stack of infrastructure, from creating and maintaining blockchain full nodes, monitoring stack and our deployment cluster setup.


  1. Research/Propose/Design/Implement new changes (features/performance improvements) to the WitnessChain protocols.

  2. Develop off-chain clients with high performance and reduced memory usage for our protocols using Golang, Rust, or C++.

  3. Engage in hands-on development with smart contracts, participate in audits and propose best practices in terms of code quality and gas optimizations across various layer 2 blockchains (OP, Arbitrum).

  4. Collaborate closely with frontend developers to guarantee a smooth and captivating user experience.

  5. Produce user-friendly documentation to encourage broader adoption.

  6. Participate actively and collaborate with our lively community across various platforms such as Slack, Discord, and Telegram.

  7. Research and stay up-to-date on emerging trends in blockchain technology/smart contract/evm development


  1. Experience running Linux/Unix platforms in these functions: Containerisation/Virtualization, Linux system configuration/administration, managing large scale deployments on cloud

  2. Experience working with Blockchain Full/Archive nodes(Beacon and Execution), Layer 2 Chains.

  3. Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or a related field.

  4. Total experience of 3+ years in software engineering, with atleast 2-4 years in blockchain projects.

  5. Experience in implementing bridges/

  6. Experience in designing, implementing, maintaining and upgrading gas-efficient, secure and simple smart contracts.

  7. Programming experience in Solidity/Golang/C++/Java

  8. Experience with DevOps practices/monitoring/alerting/observability for large scale deployments (Kubernetes/Docker Swarm, Helm Charts, Terraform,Prometheus, Grafana)

  9. Solid understanding of network security, cryptography, and data protection principles.

Hiring Process

  1. Intro call with Recruiting Manager (30minutes)

  2. Interview (technical) with 2 Witness Chain team members (1h)

  3. Final interview with Witness Chain Founding team (1h)

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